As we’re a youth-directed charity, we primarily focus on getting young people involved in charitable work. If you’re 12-25 and you want to get involved, we’d love to have you!

There are a few ways you can get involved:


Joining our Youth Team! Our fantastic team of young people helps at our fundraisers, spreads the word about the charity, and brainstorms new ways to expand the charity and help more people.


Helping at one of our fundraisers. We typically run fundraisers during the summer so that our volunteers can attend and help organize.


Running your own fundraiser. We always appreciate when youth hold fundraisers on our behalf. If this is something you’re interested in doing, please let us know beforehand and we’ll try our best to help out!


Representing us in school competitions. Many high schools have competitions where students represent local charities and we’d love to be represented by you!

If you are interested in getting involved in one of the above ways or you have another idea for how you’d like to get involved, please feel free to contact us through the contact form and we’ll get back to you soon!

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